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Landlord Information

The Section 8 Program is always seeking additional qualified landlord participants. Tenant screening and selection are up to the landlord. Landlords should use the same selection process they use to select market rate tenants. Section 8 participants must comply with the terms of the lease, including prompt payment of rent and proper care of the unit. The landlord may choose not to renew the lease at the end of the initial one-year term or any term thereafter.

Section 8 Program Benefits to Landlords

  • Guaranteed monthly rent payments
  • Direct deposit from FSHA
  • Low vacancy rates
  • Good residents – it’s your choice
  • Unitl inspections by FSHA at no cost to you - helps to ensure maximum property upkeek
  • Use your own rental lease
  • Criminal background checks on tenant referrals
  • Annual Landlord Meetings

Landlord Responsibilities

  1. Screen all applicants - Landlords should screen prospective Housing Choice Voucher Program tenants just as they would unassisted tenants. FSHA can provide the name, address, and telephone number of the last landlord to rent to the tenant.
  2. Allow FSHA to inspect the unit - Landlords must allow FSHA to inspect the unit to ensure that it complies with HUD's Housing Quality Standards. They must also allow FSHA to inspect the unit at its request, or the tenant’s request.
  3. Make timely repairs and keep the property in good condition - Landlords are required to keep the unit in good condition and ensure that it complies with HUD’s Housing Quality Standards. They must make all necessary repairs in a reasonable time period, or, if damaged by the tenant, notify the tenant that it is his or her responsibility to pay for or repair the damage.
  4. Collect the tenant's portion of the rent - FSHA will not collect rent from Housing Choice Voucher Program tenants.
  5. Abide by the lease (with the tenant) and the HAP Contract (with FSHA) - Owners must comply with the terms of the lease signed with the tenant and the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract signed with FSHA.
  6. Comply with federal fair housing laws - For questions about the requirements of federal fair housing laws, contact the Housing Choice Voucher Program at 479-782-4991.
  7. Abide by the obligations of Arkansas State Landlord–Tenant law - Under state law, landlords have the same responsibilities to voucher-assisted tenants as they do to unassisted tenants.